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Detailing Services

Detailing Services

Interior & Exterior Detailing Services

Cars and small SUV’s from $265 plus tax
Larger vehicles from $349 plus tax

EXTERIOR: Buffed and polished paint surfaces with premium polish to remove light scratches, old wax, light tar and bugs. Sealed paint surface with polymer formula, providing long-lasting protection. Cleaned wheels and applied tire dressing. INTERIOR: Steam cleaned, shampooed and extracted excessive dirt and water from all carpeting, mats, upholstery and door panels, including trunk when accessible. Conditioned all vinyl and leather. Polished all glass inside and out. Cleaned door jams and interior trim pieces.

Gravel, mud, bird droppings, snow, salt, and rainwater caked onto your car’s paint and body can affect the condition of your car’s exterior. Automotive detailing is not just a wash and wax job, but a thorough cleaning of the inner and outer surfaces of your vehicle. Our detailing services for customers in Vernon Hills, IL, Libertyville, IL, Lincolnshire, IL, and other surrounding areas are guaranteed to take miles off the appearance of your vehicle.

The Benefits of Auto Detailing

  • Detailing a car can help you feel confident about the visual appeal of your vehicle by increasing its show-quality appearance.
  • Detailing also helps preserve the resale value of your vehicle by adding a protective layer to the inner and outer surfaces to help condition these surfaces against minor damage.

We Offer Internal and External Detailing Services

Our car detailing services can’t be beat. Our services include:

  • Washing and waxing the outside of a vehicle.
  • Buffing and smoothing out visual defects, like scratches and swirl marks.
  • Insect and tar removal.
  • Removal of other surface contaminants.
  • Attention to grill-work, bumpers, and vinyl trim.
  • Exterior glass and mirror cleaning.
  • Interior glass and mirror cleaning.
  • Wheels, tires, wheel wells, and whitewalls cleaning and dressing.
  • Driving console, dashboard, and instrument panel deep cleaning.
  • Steering wheel and foot pedal cleaning.
  • Vinyl or fabric seat vacuuming or scrubbing.
  • Floor mat vacuuming and shampooing.
  • Rear window and window decks cleaning.
  • Door frame weather stripping.

When it comes to keeping your paint glistening, most of our clients choose our inside and out auto detailing package. This intensive full-day detailing service will put the gleam back into your paint. Most of our clients say after we detail their vehicle that the vehicle hasn’t been so clean or looked so good since it was brand new!

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